About Us

An ISO 9001:2015 certified organization!

India’s premium door manufacturer with the Brand name OMEGA DOORS

OMEGA DOORS, which has got more than a decade experience in field of ready made doors and Frames, Trading and Manufacturing. OMEGA DOORS go through constant quality securing process in all stages of the production. Dimensions, Moisture and quality are measured several times to secure the right grade. Our production aims to fulfil customer needs and constantly develops products and services in tight Co-operation with our sales and R&D department.

OMEGA DOORS manufacturing and Trading variety of doors to suite for all appllications:-
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Pharmacetical
  • Hotels, etc.,

All OMEGA DOORS are manufactured with Globally Sourced Material and technology. OMEGA DOORS are environment friendly products as they consume 50% lesser wood than any other traditional door and manufacturing process includes Processing/ treatment against Borer & Fungus. We also take care of Screw holding capacity, Lock area reinforcement, Water resisitinance bonding, and Dimentional stability parameters to deliver a superior building product to enhance the beauty of all interiors.

There is more to come as our well qualified and well skilled marketing team is working under expansion program on continuous basis as we believe in "every second we have new opportunities waiting for us"

OMEGA DOOR is looking forward to have an association to work with you on the basis of high quality standards and timely deliveries.

General Note:
  • Images printed in the catalogue are for the Purpose of reference. Actual colours, shades and grains may vary
  • Customization on doors is also possible on special order, e.g. Vision Panel, Lipping, Grooving, Louver, Lock Position , Double leaf, Steel door with wood finish, etc.,
  • Order once placed cannot be cancelled.
  • Before placing the order, kindly check your door measurement.
  • Designs and sizes are subject to availability.
  • We offer various popular and exotic veneer finishes like Teak,Sapely, Wenge, Indian Mahogany, European Steel Beach, American Walnut, American Ash, Oak etc.,
  • Doors are manufactured to thickness of 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm 40mm.
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Select balanced, level ground for stacking
  • Prepare balanced stack, size by size and support at ground level to place the door horizontally
  • Cover the stack with plastic sheeting
  • Do not place / store on any other material
  • Do not stack in warm emperatures, under cement/steel sheet roofs
  • Fit the door after completing the wet area work and after cleaning the floor site
  • All doors should be stacked properly on a minimum three equal woodent pieces placed at equal intervals.
  • The stacking area should be dry, elevated, flat and clean surface to prevent scratches on the surface, and should be covered with plastic sheets